Mines and Money Connect

Networking re-invigorated.

Tired of walking away for networking events with nothing more than a pocket-full of business cards?

Welcome to AI-driven networking. Our bespoke matchmaking platform has been specifically designed to help you set up high-value meeting on-site that will lead to deals that do business.

Search for attending investors from private equity, institutional funds and family offices by commodity and region, send meeting requests, and schedule face-to-face meetings to take place on-site at Mines and Money Asia. Meetings can be held at our fully-serviced Mines and Money Connect Lounge, or at your mining hub on the exhibition floor.

Looking to get more out of your meeting schedule? Ask our team how you can make use of our Mines and Money Connect Concierge service to help maximise your networking schedule on-site.

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Matchmaking tools & benefits

One-on-One Meeting Planner

We know that you come to Mines and Money Asia to network and make deals. So we’ve made it even easier for you to identify the right attendees and arrange meetings with the new one-on-one meeting planner. Search delegates by sector, commodity, size of investments and region and request a meeting with a click of a button. The mobile app is user friendly for desktops, tablets and mobiles.

One-on-One Meeting Area

Delegates will be able to schedule their 30-minute meetings in the One-on-One meeting area consisting of 16 private meeting rooms and 8 public meeting tables.

Your Personalized Schedule

We're giving you more control to personalize the program to you. Build a custom schedule of presentations, sessions and meetings then sync it with your calendar to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Recommendations & Matches for You

Build your personal profile, select your interests and define your goals for the event. Our platform will connect you with the attendees, sessions and events that match with your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Mines and Money Connect?

Mines and Money Connect is available to all registered Mines and Money delegates.

Login details will be emailed to all registered delegates to the email address you used to register for the event. If you haven't yet registered, make sure to book your ticket now so you can make the most of the additional 6 weeks of networking.

How can I identify investors for my project?

Mines and Money Connect gives you the ability to search attending delegates with real granularity.

You can filter your search down by geography, industry, stock exchange, type of commodity, assets under management, typical investment size, project stage or type, and much more.

How can I keep track of all my meetings?

Every meeting you schedule will be saved in your personalised meeting agenda on Mines and Money Connect. During the event, you will also be emailed a daily schedule of the meetings you have planned for that day, and our Mines and Money Connect Concierge team will send you an on-site SMS reminders so you don't miss any meetings.

How many meetings can I schedule?

All Mines and Money registered delegates have access to Mines and Money Connect with the ability to send up to 5 meeting requests at a time. When these meeting requests are pending while you are waiting for the recipient to respond, you will not be able to send out any additional meeting requests. However, once these meeting requests are confirmed you will be able to send out another 5 meeting requests at a time.

What type of support is available when I'm using Mines and Money Connect?

Mines and Money connect is run by a dedicated team of matchmaking experts. If you have any troubles using the self-service tool, you are welcome to contact the on-site concierge team for assistance.