Nevada Energy Metals Inc strives to be a leader in the exploration and development of economic Lithium deposits. Our principal activities are in Nevada and our project portfolio is expanding.

Nevada’s basin and range topography hosts abundant dry lakebeds and structural depressions. Dry lakebeds or “playas” have recently become the focus for aggressive Lithium exploration, particularly in the vicinity around Clayton Valley, the home of North Americas first lithium brine producing mine.

Our exploration efforts are targeting numerous, undrained, structural depressions filled with sediments comprising clays (especially hectorite), volcanic ash, alluvial gravels, and saline solutions (brines). In places, lithium bearing brines may saturate these sediments in potentially economic concentrations. Lithium content is variable and when found, the composite average obtained from a given aquifer should be about 200 ppm Li for economic viability.

Nevada Energy Metals’ statewide evaluation of playa formations hosting potential for economic brine deposits. To date, a number of highly attractive prospects have been investigated and approved for immediate acquisition. Our corporate objective is to own 100% of all newly acquired projects with little to no cash, share or royalty considerations or exploration commitments payable to third parties. Our mandate is to be the prime Nevada project generator negotiating joint venture partnerships to make all future exploration expenditures while maintaining the ability to “cherry pick” several projects to develop 100% in house.

Stock Exchange Listing: CVE:BFF

Stage of Production: Exploration | Development

Commodity: Lithium

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