Having lodged a 43-101 Technical Report for the NORI Clarion – Clipperton Zone Project, Pacific Ocean, DeepGreen has announced its initial world-class high-grade 900 million tonne NORI Project Inferred Resource Estimate grading 1.3% Nickel, 29.2% Manganese, 1.1 % Copper and 0.2% Cobalt with an average nodule abundance of 13 kg/m².

Deep-ocean harvesting of polymetallic nodules was first accomplished more than fifty years ago. Since those pioneering harvesting efforts were carried out in the 1970s, the necessary technology and environmental science has advanced, making this a responsible way of harvesting metals for our future. To ensure minimal impact on the ocean, Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. is carrying out environmental and engineering studies to ensure that any impacts to the oceans is minimized.

Deep-sea harvesters, specially designed to minimize impact, gather selected metal-rich nodules about 4 km below the surface. Using a lift system, the metals for our future are lifted to the surface ship. What is recovered is taken to land for DeepGreen’s patented processing.


With our patented process, DeepGreen intends to be a leader in the low-cost production of high-value metals and products derived from seafloor polymetallic nodules. Our hydrometallurgical processing technology is designed to efficiently extract and produce high-grade manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt products. It is our objective to process metals with zero tailings. This would be a major development for the minerals industry, where currently the disposal of large volumes of tailings is one of the biggest environmental impacts imposed by land-based mining.

Key attributes of the DeepGreen Process include:

  • Operates at atmospheric pressure and medium temperature.
  • Aims for zero tailings generation.
  • Aims to produce LME grade, nickel, cobalt and premium-grade manganese dioxide and copper-sulphide products.
  • Aims to produce additional products such as zinc-sulphide concentrate, high-grade silica and iron hydroxide, as well as a nitrogen-calcium feed for the fertilizer industry.

Plans and Latest Developments:

Key stakeholders and dignitaries meet in San Diego to launch Offshore Campaign: On April 11 DeepGreen brought together key stakeholders in San Diego for a tour of Maersk Supply Vessel “Launcher” and a briefing of Campaign 3 prior to launch. The event was well attended and included President Baron Waqa of the Republic of Nauru and Secretary General Michael Lodge of the International Seabed Authority (ISA). Both President Waqa and Mr. Lodge stated their strong support for NORI’s upcoming offshore campaigns.

Campaign 3 Completed: Confirms high nodule abundance: Offshore Campaign 3 commenced in April 2018 and the offshore work was completed in June. The Campaign utilized the Maersk Supply Services Vessel “Launcher” sailing from San Diego port with a scientific team with Fugro Marine providing AUV survey and box core sampling services.

Maersk alliance gets underway: In March 2017 DeepGreen announced its partnership with Maersk Supply Service A/S (“Maersk Supply Service“) to recover polymetallic nodules from the Clarion Clipperton Zone of the Pacific Ocean. Maersk is a global shipping group with world-leading offshore engineering and operational capability.

Maersk to project manage offshore campaigns: DeepGreen has entered into a Project Management Agreement with Maersk Supply Services where Maersk will directly manage the planning, procurement and offshore supervision of the five offshore campaigns. This provides the opportunity to deepen the alliance with Maersk and allows the NORI project to better benefit from the capability and systems that Maersk will bring. It is aligned with DeepGreen’s strategy of working with world-leading groups.

ISA continues to advance the Exploitation Regulations: The ISA agreed to host additional meetings in 2018 and 2019, supplementing its annual meeting in July, to advance the draft exploitation regulations. The exploitation regulations are expected to be finalized in late 2019 or early 2020 which is consistent with the timeline published by the ISA in 2017.

Why should investors invest in you?

DeepGreen Metals Inc is a “disruptive” opportunity with a size resource on a global scale. A management team that has the qualified background, proven track record and vision to succeed. Operating in a stable regime with International best of breed partners DeepGreen intends to deliver “Clean Metals” to the new green economy at the bottom end of the cost curve.

Interested qualified investors are invited to contact the company direct by telephoning Tom Sharp, Investor Relations, 0409 670 170

Countries of Operation:

Calarion Clipperton Zone, International Waters


Cobalt | Copper | Nickel | Poly Metallic Manganese Nodules

Project Status:


Board of Directors:

  • Gerard Barron – CEO and Chairman
  • Anthony O’Sullivan – Chief Development Officer
  • Dr. Gregory Stone – Chief Ocean Scientist
  • Dr. Samantha Smith – Head of Environment and Social Performance
  • Jon Machin – Head of Offshore Engineering
  • Jeffrey Donald – Head of Onshore Development
  • Robert Heydon – VP Business Development
  • Corey McLachlan – Manager Social Performance

Tom Sharp, Senior Manger of DeepGreen Metals Inc, will deliver a presentation about DeepGreen Metals in the Battery Metals session at Mines and Money Asia 2019. Download the programme now.