Clean TeQ is Powering Innovation – through the application of our ion-exchange technologies, we aspire to be a world leader in the supply of metals which lower the environmental burden.

Clean TeQ is the 100% owner of the Syerston Project, located in New South Wales.  The Syerston Project is one of the highest grade and largest nickel and cobalt deposit outside of Africa and one of the largest and highest grade scandium deposits in the world.  Syerston’s unique mineral resource, when combined with Clean TeQ’s proprietary Clean-iX® continuous ion exchange mineral processing technology, positions Clean TeQ to become one of the largest and lowest cost suppliers of key cathode raw materials required for the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles – nickel sulphate and cobalt sulphate.  The Syerston Project will also produce significant quantities of scandium for the next generation of light-weight aluminum alloys for transportation markets.