Xanadu Mines Ltd (ASX: XAM) is copper and gold exploration company with several advanced exploration projects in Mongolia’s highly mineralised and vastly underexplored south Gobi region. Xanadu controls one of the most promising porphyry copper-gold projects in Asia with Kharmagtai, and has an expanding portfolio of exploration projects including Oyut Ulaan and Sharchuluut Uul. Our vision and growth strategy are:

  • To create shareholder value through conversion of our exploration projects in the Sough Gobi of Mongolia into mineable deposits through discovery of high value copper, gold and gold resources;
  • Build and maintain a portfolio of highly prospective copper-gold projects through acquisition or partnerships utilizing our in depth knowledge of Mongolia;
  • Strategy underpinned by commitment to safety, environmentXanadu Mines and community.

The Company is increasing its exploration budget and programs to aggressively pursue these promising opportunities and is the only company doing so in Asia. Xanadu has experienced team of professionals with track record of discovery and value creation.

Plans and Latest Development:

Rapid delineation of globally-significant open-pit copper & gold resource estimate Resource from surface & open Demonstrate excellent economics through PEA

Why should investors invest in you?

Globally-significant copper & gold discovery

Stock Exchange Listing:


Stage of Production:



Copper | Gold

Country of Operation:


Market Cap:

$84.2M AUD

Project Status:


Board of Directors:

Kevin Tomlinson -Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Hannah Badenach – Non-Executive Director

Marcus Engelbrecht- Non-Executive Director

Michele Muscillo- Independent Non-Executive Director

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