Western Potash Corp. (TSE:WPX) is a development stage potash company focused on building Canada’s most efficient potash solution mine located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. The Company plans to utilize innovative technologies to develop the world-class Milestone potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner. Western Potash Corp. is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp. (TSX: WRX)

Western‘s Milestone Project is scheduled to start construction of its Phase I project, with annual capacity of 146,000 tons of potash, in May 2019.

Ticker: TSX:WRX

Country of Operation: Canada

Commodity: Potash

Market Cap: $20M USD

Project Status: Development

Plans and Latest Developments:

The Company received Environmental Assessment Approval from the Government of Saskatchewan in 2013 for the full-scale project and in 2017 received Environmental Assessment Approval for the Phase I Project. The 2013 Environmental Assessment Approval covers all components of the mine facility, including the use of City of Regina treated effluent as the industrial water source for the project.
The detailed engineering for Western’s Milestone Phase I Selective Solution Mining Project will be completed in early 2019, ready for final tendering and construction, which is scheduled to start in May 2019.
The Company has entered into a definitive, binding off-take agreement.

Why should investors invest in you?

  • Western is building Canada’s most efficient potash solution mine in Saskatchewan, which is scheduled to produce in Q3 2020.
  • The Company has entered into a definitive, binding off-take agreement with a senior North American agriculture industry leader for the purchase of all potash produced.
  • The company has a three-phase development plan for the full-scale 2.8 million tonnes per annum capacity. The Plan includes the Phase I Project at an annual capacity of 146,000 tonnes and Phase II & III, each at annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes of potash.


  • George Gao | CEO
  • Michael Green | VP Projects
  • Matthew Wood | VP Technology

Major Shareholders:

Western Potash Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp. (TSX-WRX). The top two shareholders of WRX are: Beijing Tairui Innovative Capital Management Corp. and CBC Holding (Canada) Ltd. CBC is a joint-venture between China BlueChemical Ltd. and CNIC Corporation Ltd.

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