‘SC EastGeology’ is a group of small companies, that operate in Russia in the field of gold exploration and mining. We develop both placer gold and gold ore businesses in the Krasnoyarkiy region of Russia, its central part of Siberia.
Our history has started in 2014 when we won our first license for a placer gold deposit. It has been a ‘greenfield’ project and we had no experience in the area of gold mining at all. However, we have managed to gain both necessary knowledge and a good reputation among gold-mining companies of the region. Geologists, who work for the ‘EastGeology’ are well known in the region and they keep staying with us in spite of competitor’s offering. We managed to establish and to develop many crucial business processes. We are proud to manage an excellent team, which is 25 specialists in the production field and 9 employees in the exploration area. Our current production capacity is 1,800 oz Au and it may be easily increased.

By now with a 5-years of professional experience ‘SC EastGeology’ has explored a number of highly prospective gold deposits in the heart of Siberia and we seek for a strategic partner to accelerate the future growth and to become much bigger as an organization. We would like to draw attention of investors to the Siberian gold resources, its central part, that we currently operate within. This part of Siberia is called the Enisey Ridge, which is huge as its length is 500 kilometers from north to south and around 30 kilometers from west to east. Here you may find a great number of big and very small mining companies. The climate temperatures varies from +35C in summer to -50C in winter. It is a virgin wood area, which is crossed by rivers of different sizes, the biggest one is Enisey. Pathways are mainly built for heavy-vehicles, and the distance to the gold ore area is 90 kilometers from the Enisey’s bank.
We offer the area, so-called ‘Olginskaya’, that contains very prospective resources of gold ore deposits estimated as much as 3.3M Oz Au and this figure may become 4-times bigger provided proper geological exploration continues. Besides, we have discovered some placer gold reserves of 64K Oz Au.

From above said one may definitely conclude of a new significant gold discovery in Siberia, which is now happened to be untouched by big mining companies, and it may change shortly! The ‘Olginskaya ore gold’ area is 217 km². Exploration there had been started more than 100 years ago and it had been continued during the Soviet period and soon after Perestroika. Nowadays some research activity has been conducted by a number of private owned organizations, which usually pass the information to the State Department for Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. The exploration has included some well drilling in 150-200 meters depth.

Now we gather all existing information to make a geological database and a business plan to develop this unique ore gold deposit area. And we make this fantastic offer to a strategic investor!

Sergey Novokhatskiy, Managing Director of EastGeology, will be presenting a Pitch Battle at 2:30pm on Thursday April 4th at Mines and Money Asia. Download the programme now.