Commodities: Gold | Water

Production stage: Explorer


We have a wide sustainable and profitable mining portfolio in gold and other metallic resources.

Main Projects:

We have 12 main projects, called:

  1. Set up of 484 plants with processing capacities from 25 to 350 tons/day. This will allow to formalize 480,504 miners.
  2. 28,338 hectares with a reserve of 5’622,532 ounces of gold, property of SOCIEDAD MINERA DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA PALLANCATA SRL.
  3. COMPAÑÍA MINERA RINCONADA Y LUNAR DE ORO SAC (5,400 hectares) – Estimated reserves: 7’657,000 ounces of gold.
  4. Mining concessions ANA MARIAS (2,953 hectares) – Estimated reserves: 6’811,387 ounces of gold.
  5. COMPAÑÍA MINERA STAR GOLD RINCONADA SAC – Mining concessions GUAMANMAYO (14,600 hectares) – Estimated reserves: 8’472,050 ounces of gold.
  6. HATUN SUNKKU PROJECT (13,600 hectares) – Estimated reserves: 1’480,620 ounces of gold.
  7. Recovery of 441 mining wastelands.
  8. Studies for mining concessions: 1496 with gold reserves, 530 with copper reserves and 654 with polymetallic reserves.
  9. Studies for 6,420 new areas with mining resources.
  10. Refinery and jewelry workshops – Creation of the brand “Legal gold, Peruvian gold”, first plant in Juliaca, Puno, Peru.
  11. Mining waste treatment plant in an area with the biggest gold reserve in Peru (about 27.5 million of TROY ounces – 854 tons of gold) in Rinconada, Peru.
  12. Gold mining concessions in Bolivia (3,700 hectares) with estimated reserves of 2´462,370 ounces of gold.


These projects have satellite and geophysical studies that prove a high profitability resulting from a well-executed mining process.

Executive Board / Management / Main Shareholders:

  • Steve Michael Oliden Angulo
    International Management and Business degree, specialized in Mining Management.
  • José Manuel Oliden Quiroz
    Engineering Officer
    Industrial engineer, specialized in Hydrology and Mining.

Why should you invest with us?

Because we ensure high profits for all stakeholders thought our technical methodology, which is product of many years of research in Peruvian mining. This way we can achieve the profitability projected.

We have many projects in Center and South Peru which are available for mining activities.