Morobe Minerals currently owns four mineral exploration tenement in Papua New Guinea. Three gold-copper porphry prospects and 1 lareritic Nickel deposit.The company is a subsidary of Bulolo District Development Authority. The District hosts the Bulolo Alluvial Goldfields.

Commodity: Base Metals | Gold | Nickel

Stage of Production: Exploration

Plans & Developments: 

Alluvial Gold Mining Potential:
Lakekamu Goldfields: Two of the gold-copper porphry tenements cover Lakekamu Goldfields.

Bulolo Goldfields: The company is a subsidary of Bulolo District Development Authority, the home of Bulolo Goldfields.The company in conjuntion with the company will be assisting local miners obtain appropriate mining licences and will facilitate tribute agreements with interested parties.

Board of Directors/ Management/ Major Shareholders:
Bulolo District Development Authority

Why invest?

The tenements owned by Morobe Minerals and Company Limited have
1) Alluvial gold. Proof of gold source within the vicinity.
2) Lake Trist Tenement overlies and ultramafic body which was was mined in the 1950s and has not been revisited or systematically explored since then. A chromite mineral sand mine oprates at a bay at the base of the ultramafic mountan range.Ideal investment for a nickel deposit developer.
3) Morobe Minerals and Metals Company is a subsidary of Bulolo District Development Aurhority. We are seeking partnership with investors for Mineral Exploration to Alluvial Mining and Gold Buying.

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