Stock Exchange Listing: ASX:DHR

Commodity: Coal | Oil | Gas | Gold

Stage of Production: Explorer


Dark Horse Resources (formerly Navaho Gold) has slowly evolved into a diverse resource exploration company with diverse commodity interests including mineral licences in Australia, a significant equity stake in ASX‐listed Lakes Oil NL, and various project interests in Argentina. The Company’s current major focus is on its Argentinean projects. Argentina is undergoing significant political and social reforms, which has created a very attractive destination for mining and energy investment. Dark Horse is captialising on this transition with its substantial Pico Coal Mine and Power Project, its lithium and gold projects, and a portfolio of new resource and energy opportunities under review.

Dark Horse is aiming to develop a mine mouth power station located at its Pico Quemado Project in the Rio Negro province of Argentina. The power station would be designed and located to connect to existing 500kV transmission network serving the Argentinian national electricity network, which presently is reliant on imported LNG to meet a major portion of the country’s base-load power demand

Board of Directors / Management / Major Shareholders:

CEO – David Mason


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