Cauldron Energy Limited (ASX: CXU) is a mineral resource development company focused on exploring and developing uranium and energy metal projects in Australia and around the world. The company has developed its flagship uranium property to an exciting stage and is in the process of acquiring an advanced exploration project in battery metals.

The Company’s flagship Yanrey Project, located in northwest Western Australia, forms part of a newly recognised and emerging uranium province that has potential to be world class in scale and mineral endowment. The project is underpinned by the Bennet Well Uranium deposit secured by a vast suite of exploration licences covering the most prospective portion of the mineral province.

The Bennet Well deposit is yet to be closed off and contains a considerable uranium oxide mass of 30.9 Mlb (13,990 t) grading at 360 ppm U3O8 (38.8 Mt @ 360 ppm eU3O8, derived from a cut-off of 150 ppm – JORC 2012). The geology of the deposit has characteristics that allow for extraction by in-situ recovery (ISR) mining techniques. ISR mining is a world-wide and long utilised method of extraction causing negligible disruption to the land surface and little disruption to the hosting aquifer. The mining method is environmentally friendly and inexpensive allowing for economic returns even at historically low uranium commodity prices. The inexorable rise of global energy demand, particularly carbon-neutral sources of energy, along with reduced supply signals a significant rebound in uranium commodity price. Analysts are predicting the commencement of a long-sustained cycle of higher uranium price.
In line with the global demand for clean energy, Cauldron is in the process of acquiring an exploration project for metals needed for manufacturing new-age battery storage systems. Metals such as lithium, cobalt, copper, vanadium and tantalum. Cauldron is governed and managed by a highly experienced technical team capable of rapid assessment and advance of exploration and development projects. The philosophy of management proven by its working history is to maximise in-ground expenditure for the benefit of improving project value. This is achieved through experienced decision making when committing funds in exploration planning and reducing expenditures not directly linked to project advance or for purposes of corporate compliance.

Cauldron is optimistic about the exciting and quickly evolving energy sector and energised at delivering a bright future and value to Cauldron, its investors, partners and stakeholders. The long-term future is secured by the qualities of the Bennet Well uranium deposit (its size and style) and its potential for low-cost mining and an increasingly favourable economic environment. The short-term future of Cauldron is similarly exciting as its global search for an energy metals project is nearing fruition.

Plans and Latest Developments:

Cauldron is currently in negotiations over three advanced exploration projects capable of satisfying its short-term strategy. The best of these battery metal projects will be vended into the company.
Low-key development of Bennet Well uranium deposit will continue, despite the political environment of Western Australia, which does not allow for easy and controlled development of any uranium project. Cauldron is confident the bureaucratic setting of uranium mining will change in the future and is aiming to have the project available for exploitation when that occurs.

Why should investors invest in you?

Cauldron has both a short and long-term strategy aimed at developing projects supplying clean energy and metals used in energy storage. Our driven and pragmatic management team has many years of experience successfully advancing exploration and development projects.
The Company’s flagship Yanrey Project underpins our long-term growth prospect. A large and geologically favourable uranium deposit situated in an emerging potentially world-class mineral field. In the short-term Cauldron is excited by its success in a global search for an energy metals project that is nearing fruition. The energy sector is exciting and quickly evolving and has a bright future.

Stock Exchange Listing: ASX:CXU

Stage of Production: Exploration

Commodity: Uranium | Colbalt | Copper | Lithium | Vanadium

Board of Directors / Shareholders / Senior Management:

  • Jess Oram | CEO, Executive Director
  • Qiu Derong | Non-Executive Director
  • Judy Li | Non-Executive Director
  • Chenchong Zhou | Non-Executive Director

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