Stock Exchange Listing: ASX:ARU

Commodity: Rare Earths | Phosphate

Country of Operations: Australia

Stage of Production: Developer

Market Cap: approx $40m AUD

Arafura plans to produce NdPr rare earths from its Nolans mining and chemical processing project in Australia’s Northern Territory. NdPr is used in permanent magnets that find widespread application in the automotive, clean energy, healthcare and consumer electronic sectors. Nolans’ operating costs are projected to be amongst the lowest in the rare earths industry.

Plans & Latest Developments:

Arafura plans to produce 14,000 tpa of rare earths – including 3,600 tpa of magnet-feed NdPr rare earths – and 110,000 tpa of merchant-grade phosphoric acid from its Nolans project in Australia’s Northern Territory. The project is ideally located with respect to transport, energy and water infrastructure in order to support 40+ years of open cut mining and chemical processing operations.The Company’s focus for the remainder of 2017 is to complete scaled-up piloting of its process flow sheet to support detailed engineering design for final feasibility, and to secure environmental approval for the project from government regulators.

Board of Directors:
• Ian Kowalick – Non-Exec Chairman
• Gavin Lockyer – Managing Director
• Chris Tonkin – Non-Exec Director
• Terry Grose – Non-Exec Director
• Zhang Quansheng -Non-Exec Director

• Gavin Lockyer – Managing Director
• Peter Sherrington – CFO & Company Secretary
• Richard Brescianini – General Manager Exploration & Business Development
• Brian Fowler – General Manager Northern Territory & Sustainability
• Lloyd Kaiser – Marketing Manager

Major Shareholders:
• ECE Nolans Investment Co Pty Ltd – 22.2%
• JP Morgan Nominees Australia Ltd – 22.0%
• HSBC Custody Nominees Australia Ltd – 2.4%
• SBI Investments PR LLC – 2.3%
• Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd – 2.1%

What are we looking to achieve at Mines and Money:
Arafura is seeking to provide a detailed update of the rare earths market with a particular focus on the near-term NdPr demand/supply opportunity. The Company would also like the opportunity to increase its profile with large and institutional investors to provide them with a good understanding of the Nolans asset.

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