Take a look at who’s speaking in 2020

This year's Mines and Money Asia features more than 100 leading mining, investment, and finance experts sharing their thought leadership, insights, and project updates. Explore the full speaker line-up below.

David Roberts
Acuity Capital
  • David Roberts
  • Managing Director
Richard Offer
Aetas Global Capital
  • Richard Offer
  • Chief Executive Officer
Danny Callow
African Gold Group
  • Danny Callow
  • Chief Operating Officer
Jayant Bhandari
Anarcho Capital
  • Jayant Bhandari
  • Senior Analyst - Mining & Minerals and Institutional Investor Consultant
Andrew Ferguson
APAC Resources
  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Chief Executive Officer
Helen Lau
  • Helen Lau
  • Analyst, Mining and Metals
Diego Temperley
AusCham Argentina
  • Diego Temperley
  • President
Andrew Ballingal
Ballingal Investment Advisors / BIA Gold Fund
  • Andrew Ballingal
  • Chief Investment Officer
Ben Whiting
Barsele Minerals
  • Ben Whiting
  • VP Exploration
Anne-Claire Howard
  • Anne-Claire Howard
  • Executive Director
Gabriel Wilson-Otto
BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Gabriel Wilson-Otto
  • Head of Stewardship, Asia
Marco Roque
Cassiar Gold
  • Marco Roque
  • Chief Executive Officer
Samuel Pelaez
Celeste Advisors
  • Samuel Pelaez
  • Chief Investment Officer
Thomas Puppendahl
Chancery Asset Management
  • Thomas Puppendahl
  • Founder & Managing Director
Adam Matthews
Church of England Pension Fund
  • Adam Matthews
  • Director of Ethics and Engagement
Greg Fournier
CIBC Hong Kong
  • Greg Fournier
  • Managing Director & Head, Investment Banking Asia Pacific Region
Bert Koth
Denham Capital
  • Bert Koth
  • Managing Director and Partner, Denham Mining Fund
Daniel Ornatowski
DKO Capital
  • Daniel Ornatowski
  • Founder & Managing Partner
Justin Brown
Element 25
  • Justin Brown
  • Managing Director
Jorge Ramiro Monroy
Emerging Markets Capital
  • Jorge Ramiro Monroy
  • Managing Director
Kevin McElligott
Franco Nevada
  • Kevin McElligott
  • Managing Director - Australia
Daniel Major
Goviex Uranium
  • Daniel Major
  • Chief Executive Officer
Greg Guocheng Pan
Hanking Industrial Group
  • Greg Guocheng Pan
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Steve Letwin
  • Steve Letwin
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Danila Kotlyarov
  • Danila Kotlyarov
  • Chief Financial Officer
Sasha Jacob
Jacob Capital Management
  • Sasha Jacob
  • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Yash Kaman
Kerogen Capital
  • Yash Kaman
  • Partner
Thomas P. Bispham
Lighhouse Asia
  • Thomas P. Bispham
  • Chairman
Clive Donner
LinQ Group
  • Clive Donner
  • Founding Managing Director
Rod Nichol
Lionsgate Capital
  • Rod Nichol
  • Managing Director
John Forwood
Lowell Resources Funds Management (LRFM)
  • John Forwood
  • Chief Investment Officer
Howard L. Margulis
MaxEn Capital Advisors
  • Howard L. Margulis
  • Senior Managing Director & General Counsel
Richard Ness
Merdeka Copper Gold MDKA
  • Richard Ness
  • Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Motteram
Noble Group
  • Stephen Motteram
  • Global Head of Asset Development
Louis Kuijs
Oxford Economics
  • Louis Kuijs
  • Chief Asia Economist
Liam Twigger
PCF Capital Group
  • Liam Twigger
  • Managing Director
Edward Gustely
Penida Capital Advisors
  • Edward Gustely
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director
Alberto Migliucci
Petra Commodities
  • Alberto Migliucci
  • CEO & Founder
Warren Gilman
Queen’s Road Capital
  • Warren Gilman
  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Nicholson
Resource Capital Funds
  • Peter Nicholson
  • Partner & Managing Director
Garrick Mendham
RH Mining Resources
  • Garrick Mendham
  • Executive Director
Tim Coughlin
Royal Road Minerals
  • Tim Coughlin
  • Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Desir
SAMI Funds
  • Anthony Desir
  • Director
Iain Cooper
Schlumberger Ventures
  • Iain Cooper
  • Chief Executive Officer
Paola Rojas
Synergy Resource Capital
  • Paola Rojas
  • Managing Director
Clyde Russell
Thomson Reuters
  • Clyde Russell
  • Asia Commodities and Energy Columnist
Graham Carmen
Tinka Resources
  • Graham Carmen
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Norman Ting
Top Resources Group Ltd
  • Norman Ting
  • Managing Director
Nicole Bieske
Transparency International
  • Nicole Bieske
  • Head of Global Program (Accountable Mining)
Daniel Rose
VTB Capital
  • Daniel Rose
  • Managing Director - Head of Commodities – Asia
Matthew Gill FAusIMM
White Rock Minerals
  • Matthew Gill FAusIMM
  • Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Marrone
Yamana Gold
  • Peter Marrone
  • Executive Chairman
Leo Zhao
Zhaojin International Mining
  • Leo Zhao
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
George Fang
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
  • George Fang
  • Executive Chairman