Key Themes

Conference themes at Mines and Money Asia 2020.

This year, sessions will explore what miners and investors can expect from the commodity outlook in 2020, a look at how mining companies can work with Chinese investors, and discussions about how miners can speed up the process of taking a mine from exploration, to development to production and start delivering bottom-line profits sooner. You’ll also hear presentations and insights from key names in the mining industry, such as IAMGOLD's Steve Letwin, Zhaojin International Mining's Leo Zhao, and Franco Nevada's Kevin McElligott

Battery and Energy Metals and the role of China

While everyone may disagree on the timelines for adoption, there is universal agreement that demand for battery metals and the minerals that drive electrification is only going one way.

Bridging the logjam from exploration to production

The future of exploration and exploration funding is one of the biggest challenges the facing miners right now. While there may be increased appetite for some commodities at the exploration end, actual funding has not always followed. Consequently, fewer mining projects are progressing from the exploration stage through to production and subsequent profitability.

Emerging Markets: Jurisdictional risk vs reward

Mining is increasingly looking towards frontier and emerging markets for new opportunities. However these new ventures are accompanied by a host of new challenges, including permitting risk, resource nationalism, and governments whose mining codes are likely to change with little forewarning.

ESG: Are miners and investors doing enough?

Environmental and Sustainable Governance (ESG) and brand image are two of the cornerstones of how the industry can win over new investors, be they millennials previously lured to other sectors such as crypto and cannabis, or generalist investors who would allocate more capital to mining if the industry could address these issues.

Gold & Precious Metals

Gold is back. Since May 2019, the rising price of gold has triggered renewed interest in the yellow metal. And that’s not just the case for established gold majors and mid-tiers, but also in exploration juniors as everyone looks for the next ‘ten bagger’. The silver price has since followed, and 2020 looks set to be a bumper year for precious metals.

How is China driving demand and investment in 2020?

China’s economy is challenged by weak global trade and US-China tensions. How will the US-China conflict evolve? Meanwhile, within China, the imperative to reduce financial risks and higher tolerance for slower growth among policymakers mean a relatively restrained approach to stimulus.

Mine Financing and M&A

M&A Appetite is back. After having undergone a painful period where cash discipline became the key mantra, many miners are now looking to expand again; however internal growth and exploration development is slow.

Agenda at a glance

Explore the agenda to know what to expect from our top industry speakers that will be dealing with topics such as base and bulk metals, battery and energy metals, understanding the chinese mining investment and so much more.