Mine financing and M&A

M&A Appetite is back. After having undergone a painful period where cash discipline became the key mantra, many miners are now looking to expand again; however internal growth and exploration development is slow.

But is M&A always a sure-fire fast-track to success? This will be a key question explored in this theme, especially for in instances where the cash discipline of previous years has left companies without exploration projects in their pipelines. We’ll also be debating whether M&A is the right way forward for the mining industry, and whether the industry has really learnt – and applied – key lessons learnt from the past.

Who is this relevant to?

Presentations in this session will be relevant to:

  • Anyone working for a bank, broker, or financial advisory;
  • Anyone working in in equity or debt financing, including heads of equity sales, Heads of Mining Finance, Heads of Debt Finance, Heads of Project Finance
  • Law firms involved in deal-making
    • Corporate development teams from producers looking to get the inside track on what’s next for M&A and financing should also earmark this session as one where they will get the inside track on what’s next for M&A and financing.