ESG: Are miners and investors doing enough?

How can the mining industry win over ESG and Generalist investors?

Environmental and Sustainable Governance (ESG) and brand image are two of the cornerstones of how the industry can win over new investors, be they millennials previously lured to other sectors such as crypto and cannabis, or generalist investors who would allocate more capital to mining if the industry could address these issues.

Presentations in this session will explore ESG post-Brumandinho (the Vale disaster), the increasing importance of ESG in investment decisions, and case studies of how miners are moving towards running more sustainable operations. This session will also cover issues relating to brand and image that miners are currently falling victim to, and how the industry can address this


Who is this relevant to?

Presentations in this session will be relevant to:

  • All investors, particularly those evaluating producers where ESG has become the number one issue
  • All miners, including both those with sustainability-related job titles and all senior
  • Any consultancy with an ESG practice