Emerging Markets: Jurisdictional Risk vs Reward

Mining is increasingly looking towards frontier and emerging markets for new opportunities. However, these new ventures are accompanied by a host of new challenges, including permitting risk, resource nationalism, and governments whose mining codes are likely to change with little forewarning.

Who is this relevant to?

Presentations in this session will be relevant to:

  • Mining companies and investors who have projects in, or who are looking to expand into, emerging markets
  • Law firms that have expertise in emerging markets on issues such as permitting risk
  • Brokers and consultancies with a footprint in emerging markets

Presentations in this session will provide delegates with first-hand insights into both the challenges and potential solutions of doing business in Asia's emerging markets (including Myanmar, Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Laos), certain Latin American markets, and other jurisdictions where potentially high rewards must be offset against higher risk. This session will also provide insight into business-critical issues such as permitting risk and the varying approaches and attitudes of local governments towards mining.