Bridging the logjam from exploration to production

The future of exploration and exploration funding is one of the biggest challenges the facing miners right now. While there may be increased appetite for some commodities at the exploration end, actual funding has not always followed. Consequently, fewer mining projects are progressing from the exploration stage through to production and subsequent profitability.

Presentations in this session will explore how the industry got to this stage, and the challenges of growing investor reluctance to invest in projects that are far from production. What can be done to address the exploration deficit? What are the different approaches that miners and financiers need to adopt towards this situation? This session will address all these questions and more.

Who is this relevant to?

Presentations in this session will be relevant to:

  • Any exploration junior looking for financing
  • Banks, brokers and investment institutions providing funding at the exploration and development stage
  • Consultants involved in project evaluation