Winning investment from Chinese-owned competitors – where and how are they looking to invest their money?


From 2014 through to 2017, over US$40bn of direct investment in Australia came from Chinese-owned companies, with the mining sector being the major benefactor. We have also seen similar investment trends in other regions, most notably Africa. In this panel we take a deep dive into how Chinese investors are allocating capital to natural resources.

In this panel we discuss:

  • Globally, where have Chinese investors been making their most recent mining investments and acquisitions?
  • What sort of mining deals do Chinese investors favour? Do Chinese investors differ from other investors in terms of how they approach mining deals, and if so how?
  • How are Chinese investors looking to capitalise on the Belt and Road initiative? How can foreign investors profit?
  • Given the recent political tension between Canada and China, what is the outlook for investment into Canadian mining assets?