Is the mining industry doing enough to implement ESG at the ground level?


ESG has been gaining importance in the minds of miners, but is the industry’s talk being turned into good practice? Portfolio fund managers and PE firms are increasingly embedding ESG policy into their Investment processes – are they convinced?

In this panel we discuss:

  • Why has ESG moved towards the top of mining CEOs agenda?
  • Understanding ESG as a net-contributor to the bottom line
  • Defining the material risks and opportunities that ESG issues present for the mining industry
  • What steps can be taken to win back public trust post Brumadinho?
  • An update on the ICMM’s Tailings Governance Framework – key findings, recommendations and next steps
  • Guidelines for shaping an effective ESG framework, including process and reporting, aligning interests of shareholders
  • How investors are adopting a holistic ESG mind-set in their investment process