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Resource World Magazine reports on the business of mining, oil & gas, green technologies and the events that affect these sectors. The magazine provides a platform to profile companies on a non-advertorial basis and has no paid editorial. Resource World provides readers with an objective perspective, relevant, timely information, is committed to its policies of journalistic integrity and remains a reliable source for information about the resource sector.

  • Global Reach – In our seventeen years of publishing Resource World Magazine, subscribers from 46 different countries have discovered and subscribed to Resource World.
  • Availability -Resource World exists through the support of our advertisers and readers. We have an open door policy which allows companies to present newsworthy stories and readers to use us as an information resource.
  • Our Commitment – With the support of our readers and advertisers, we continue to report on the activities within the resource community. We will continue to find investment opportunities and good companies worth reporting on. We will continue to analyze thousands of documents and press releases every month in an effort to bring you the highest in editorial quality. It is our commitment to deliver a source for resource based editorial with integrity.

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