Australian Resources and Investment

Australian Resources and Investment magazine is celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2018 and proudly continues to be the country's main source of mining news.

As the nation's leading mining journal, Australian Resources and Investment is dedicated to providing readers with cutting-edge insight into resource developments in Australia and from Australian companies operating around the world.

The best way to keep up to date with the mining industry, each edition of Australian Resources and Investment features articles written by industry experts, providing unique insight into resources developments in Australia, as well as the discussion of new ideas - both established and prospective - and recent progress in the industry from investment, exploration and extraction, to recruitment, equipment, engineering and mine management.

Regular contributors include Mrs Gina Rinehart, Tony Featherstone and Regina Meani, with special contributions made by industry experts, academics, researchers and mining consultants.

Each edition of this quarterly publication also takes an in-depth look at a rotating suite of feature commodities, with commentary from individuals and organisations at the forefront of commodity sectors, as well as academics and researchers who continue to discover new ways to use Australia’s resources. Australian Resources and Investment is also the only way to keep up to date with key leaders in the industry, bringing readers the transcripts of exclusive presentations given by mining executives to both the Sydney and Melbourne mining clubs.

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Australian Resources and Investment

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